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Selasa, 12 April 2011

The AFX Top Fashion Bloggers Competition 2011

Wow, soon there will be events Asia Fashion Exchange (AFX) 2011. 
Following the success of last year, the Asian Fashion Exchange back again held in Singapore in the month. Of course, this event aims to develop Singapore's fashion industry in the long term. In addition to its own also build skills and talents that exist in the world of Asian fashion. It's not an overstatement when then Singapore can serve as the fashion center of Asia. 
Lasted for 11 days, Singapore's largest fashion event has 3 main events 
- Audi Fashion Festival 
- Blueprint 
- Star Creation 
- Asia Fashion Summit. 
Is it ..? 

There will be four AFX series of events in this time as the data above it., Asia Fashion Summit, Audi Fashion Festival, Star Creation, and Blueprint. 

Blueprint is a fashion show held on May 19 to 22 next. The 10 young designers from Indonesia will display their work at the Blueprint stage. 

They are Some Are Thieves, Danjyo + Hiyoji, Geulis, Isis, KLE, Monday to Sunday, STAB, Caligula, Seba Shoes and Soe Hoe. Brand Some Are Thieves will appear in the zone 'Blueprint presents' as a brand 'under the radar of young contemporary fashion' from Indonesia. 

Then Danjyo + Hiyoji, Geulis, Isis, KLE, Monday to Sunday and STAB will display their fashion collections in the zone 'Blueprint Next Gen'. This zone is intended for a brand that is focusing on innovative fashion and oriented forward. 

And last Caligula, Seba Shoes and Soe Hoe will appear in the zone 'Blueprint Accessorize' 
Why do I have to attend ..? 
Wow ... because there will be many Indonesian designers who will appear, I am proud and how I can provide information and applaus incredible to them. And supporting the development and potential of their talent on the international scene. 
I as a blogger will be ready to provide information through social networking sites, photos are interesting and also update via facebook, twitter, foursquare to liven up the event. 
Where will the designers from different countries will come together, can learn from each other to create, compete and make the fashion industry is growing. 
We know Singapore is one of the greatest fashion capital in Southeast Asia, how could eventually be processed through this event makes a positive event for the development of fashion in Singapore and in Asia in general. 

I really like fashion. How could appear attractive, and fit with my personality. 
And I also wanted to enjoy this amazing event, yes Asian Fashion Exchange (AFX) 2011 which will be held in Singapore. 
Wow .. I want to go there, enjoy the city of Singapore and also the best contribution as a blogger for the success of this event. 

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