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Jumat, 09 Februari 2007

(Info Lowongan) Buat Ceweks di O Channel..

nih.. ada info lewat imel dari Papank, O Channel..

Lowongan di O Channel.., kamu masuk kualifikasi..??  Yukk.. silahkan daftar ya... buruan...

*Pank.. nih dah gw iklanin di MP gw.. ntar biayanya di transfer yak... xixixixix bcanda!*

Im Looking for 2 Female in my Team :

1. P.A in my Creative Team soon !
(Production Assistant)

a. Female 19 - 28
b. Good looking
c. Lots of enthusiasm
d. D3/ S1 Degree
e. Fluently in English
f. Have a driving lisence
g. Enough guts to join me !

2. Presenter/ Host

a. Female 20 - 25
b. Sexy
c. Good Voice
d. High Improvement
e. Like automotive a lot

Send Ur shocking CV and Picture to one
of my producer
before February 15th 2007

and become the one that upgraded !

Keep The Flame On !
Pank Agung Pamungkas
Executive Producer
O Channel TV